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Top male cosmetic surgery procedures

Here’s the top male cosmetic surgery procedures in the UK: Rhinoplasty Ear correction Liposuction Eyelid lift Breast reduction Abdominoplasty Facelift Neck lift Fat transfer Brow lift We offer all these procedures at Masculum. Book a consultation today and find out what we can do for you.

The 5 signs you’re losing your hair

Losing your hair doesn’t have to be inevitable. There are treatments and procedures that can halt hair thinning and stimulate regrowth but early intervention is always key so here’s the 5 signs you should be looking out for: Look at old photos – male pattern baldness is a progressive problem which means it typically worsens […]

Introducing our lead surgeon and medical director

Maisam Fazel is a Consultant who specialises in a wide range of Aesthetic Surgery procedures. He has a unique background in both Plastic and Breast Surgery and is thus also actively involved in Breast Care and Reconstruction. Mr Fazel read medicine at Cambridge University (where he was awarded the University Prize in Surgery) followed by […]

Millennial man behind rise in male cosmetic surgery

Plastic surgery used to be considered a woman’s area of interest, with high profile females often seen sharing images and videos of their newly enhanced or reduced physiques. This is no longer just a woman’s pursuit, as the industry is seeing repaid growth in the number of procedures requested by men. According to the American […]

Time to detox? Beer linked to moobs

With each new year come new trends in what we like to eat and drink, and last year really was the year of the hoppy India Pale Ales, or IPAs as they are more commonly known. These premium ales are bursting with hoppy flavours and have proved to be very popular, both in terms of […]

Breast reduction surgery requests soaring among British men

Since surgeons first attempted to enhance the breasts with synthetic implants, the breast augmentation has remained the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure performed across the globe, requested by women of all ages. But could the moob job eventually overtake the boob job one day? WhatClinic.com, one of the leading plastic surgery comparison sites, regularly releases […]

Male grooming behind popularity in male cosmetic surgery

Since 2005, the numbers of men undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures have more than doubled. So why are men now rivalling women for their willingness to go under the knife to enhance their face or body? In less enlightened times, men could get away with slapping on some no brand moisturiser and pride themselves on their beauty […]

When can I start working out after gynaecomastia surgery?

 Body-conscious young men are feeling the pressure to look as good as their idols and the latest series of Love Island, replete with rippling abs, has even been linked to a rise in steroid use. However, for men suffering from gynaecomastia – the appearance of male breasts – it doesn’t matter how many chest presses […]